July 31 – 8,30 p.m. – Cloisters of the Monumental complex of Santa Croce


Readings, performances, lessons, meetings, installations. An open school in a spiritual place of peace


8.30 pm Meeting with Franco la Cecla

Domesticity, making and remaking life

Anthropology is teaching us that by domesticating the present, in making time a space of our own, there is an elaboration that not only allows life to continue cooking, cleaning, raising one’s children, creating close relationships but also at times, facing and overcoming terrible situations of violence and devastation.

9.30 pm Performance

 The world saved by women / Dance Annamaria Ajmone – Music Fabrizio Cammarata

In response to Virgilio Sieni’s invitation, Fabrizio Cammarata and Annamaria Ajmone meet at the Monumental Complex of Santa Croce, an iconic place in the city. They cohabit the space, discovering each other, using the fragility of this first meeting, without pre-established script, to give life to a body other than dance.


  • Free entry and reservation required
  • Entrance from Piazza Santa Croce 16 – Cloister door from 8:15 p.m.
  • Reservation valid for the two shows
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