Terms and conditions


Those using the Service must comply with all the general conditions contained in these regulations, so it is important to read and agree with them in full before making a purchase.
The MidaTicket Service (hereinafter “MidaTicket” or “Service”) is provided by MidaTicket s.r.l., with its registered office in via Casalino 27 24121 Bergamo, Tax Code and VAT registration number 02758170167 (hereinafter “Mida”).
The object of the Service:
1. The online purchase of Entry Tickets for Opera di Santa Croce (hereinafter the “Organizer”), granting the bearer right of entry to the premises and/or services named on the tickets
2. the purchase of specific services (e.g., audio guides)
3. the booking and/or sale of Entry Tickets for events (e.g., concerts, special tours, etc.) available on certain dates and times, as made available by the Organizer
Mida acts on behalf of the Event Organizer to provide the Service and has no responsibility for the management and organization of the events published through MidaTicket. In this regard, it should be noted that the events published through MidaTicket may undergo changes regardless of the will of Mida, which only monitors updates of the information published directly by the Event Organizers on a periodical basis.
Publication of these General Terms and Conditions online and confirmation of the purchase sent by Mida to the Consumer are valid as “confirmation of the contract stipulated on a durable medium” pursuant to article 51, paragraph 7 of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 (‘Consumer Code’).
A valid Entry Ticket is required to enter the Museum and use the services offered by the Organizer.
Entry Tickets must be purchased through the MidaTicket sales channels or from a party authorized by MidaTicket to market Entry Tickets. If a Customer has purchased an Entry Ticket from anyone other than those indicated above, or if their Entry Ticket has been lost, stolen, duplicated or obtained in any way that is not compliant with these General Terms and Conditions, the Event Organizer may refuse the Entry Ticket Holder access to the Event Venue or oblige him or her to vacate it. Mida will not replace Entry Tickets for selected events once they have been delivered to the user in the event of their loss, deterioration, damage or destruction, or if they are stolen.
Customers may not transfer the Entry Ticket for a consideration nor may tickets be brokered.
At the request of the Organizer and/or the Authorities responsible for maintaining public order and safety, MidaTicket may cancel an Entry Ticket at any time, even if it has already been issued; it may also cancel a purchase order that has already been made, either for technical and/or organizational reasons or if problems arise in relation to the Customer’s payment in respect of the Entry Ticket.
Mida can in no way be held responsible for any inconvenience, setbacks, or inefficiency suffered by MidaTicket users arising from circumstances due to the Organizer. In cases of cancellation or postponement of an event ticketed by MidaTicket, refunds must be requested directly from the Event Organizer, as only the Organizer has decision-making authority regarding pre-sale refunds. Mida bears no responsibility for any changes to the programme of events published through MidaTicket and, to this end, it is recommended to always check the scheduled events directly on the Event Organizer’s official website.
Mida is entitled to make a sales charge on this price.
MidaTicket is not responsible for the type of places offered for sale by the Organizer and does not guarantee that the Entry Tickets that can be purchased through its sales channels represent, for each type, the best available at the time of purchase by the Customer or that the Organizer may not offer better places for sale at a later date.
The price of the Entry Ticket is the price stated by the Organizer and known to MidaTicket when the Customer purchases the Entry Ticket. Any lower price the Organizer applies to Entry Tickets of the same type after purchase by the Customer, or for events to be held on a particular date, do not entitle the Customer to a refund of the difference.

The MidaTicket Service grants users a limited period of time to pay for booked Entry Tickets (hereinafter “Booking Time”).
Booking Time is specified on the event website and is set at 20 minutes.
If Booking Time elapses without the user having completed payment for the booked Entry Tickets, the bookings will be cancelled, and all places will automatically return to the sales circuit.

Please note that, depending on the different agreements that Mida stipulates as and when necessary with the Event Organizer, the Organizer may reserve the right to withdraw Entry Tickets for advertised events from the MidaTicket sales circuit at its own discretion and at any time. In this case, if, at the time of withdrawal by the Event Organizer, the user has not yet completed the purchase of the ticket in question, and the booking is still valid according to these General Terms and Conditions of use of the Service since the Booking Period has not yet expired, it will no longer be possible to retrieve the booking, even if valid, and Mida will not be able to issue the ticket and cannot be held responsible in any way.

Customers can pay for tickets using credit cards on the VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, MYBANK, SATISPAY, EPS, and GIROPAY circuits via the KeyClient payment system for online transactions.
For security reasons, or at the discretion of the Event Organizer, MidaTicket reserves the right to apply limitations and exclusions to the forms of payment that Customers can use to pay for purchased Entry Tickets.
Payment is made through a virtual exchange in safe mode using irreversible 128-bit encryption.
In this way, the transaction takes place exclusively within the banking environment, and Mida has no access whatsoever to the buyer’s credit card data.

Once Entry Tickets and/or services have been purchased, they are delivered to the Customer in fast ticket – print@home format, and the Entry Ticket Holder may show them in print or digital format.
The access control system will only be an Entrance Ticket, corresponding to one QR code, to be used once. Anyone using photocopies and/or attempting fraud through their improper use will be prosecuted, and neither Mida nor the Museum accept any responsibility.
Under no circumstances will the Museum allow access using duplicate Entry Tickets.
The Service reserves the right to cancel incomplete or unpaid reservations.
Tickets should be shown at the entrance to Santa Croce without going to the ticket office.

Bookings are valid up to 15 minutes from the chosen time, after which entry cannot be guaranteed.
Under no circumstances may tickets be used on a date other than the one selected.

The price of the Entry Ticket cannot be refunded if a Customer cancels their visit to the Museum.
Unused tickets do not entitle the Customer to a refund.
The right of withdrawal pursuant to article 59, letter n) of Legislative Decree 206/2005, the so-called ‘Consumer Code’, is not applicable.

If the Museum is closed for technical or organisational reasons, Mida will refund unused ticketing according to the methods and within the time limits established by the Museum only if Mida has been specifically delegated to do so and provided that it has received the necessary funds from the latter. In the event of cancellation and/or postponement of the visit, Customers may contact the Museum in order to claim their statutory rights.

Pursuant to Art. 59, letter n), of the Legislative Decree of 6 October 2005 no. 206 (the so-called ‘Consumer Code’), the right of withdrawal referred to in Art. 52 et seq. of the same Consumer Code is not applicable to transactions made through the MidaTicket Service. Once the transaction has been completed, it is therefore not possible to cancel the purchase, modify it and/or obtain a refund of the ticket price.
By accepting these General Terms and Conditions regarding the MidaTicket Service, the successful conclusion of the Shopping Basket process, and payment by the user, the latter expressly acknowledges, agrees, and accepts that, since the MidaTicket Service is a pre-sale Service only for Entry Tickets to events as advertised and that Mida operates on behalf of the Event Organizer, Mida is not permitted to refund or replace purchased Entry Tickets. The user also acknowledges, agrees, and accepts that should an event be cancelled or postponed by the Third Party Event Organizers, users must apply exclusively to the Event Organizers for a refund of the price of the Entry Tickets as it appears on the ticket purchased through the MidaTicket Service, without prejudice to Mida’s right to retain its sales commission rights.

Entry Tickets may not be used for political, commercial, advertising or other promotional reasons (such as, for example, as prizes in competitions or lotteries) except with the prior written consent of the Event Organizer and/or, if authorized to do so by the Event Organizer, by MidaTicket.
Customers using Entry Tickets in violation of this provision shall be liable for any damage arising from their conduct and may be prosecuted.

Even in the event that any of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions should be inapplicable, the others shall continue in full force and effect.
In all other cases in which the user of the MidaTicket Service is not a consumer, any dispute concerning the validity, interpretation, execution and/or resolution of legally relevant acts relating to the use of the MidaTicket Service shall come under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Bergamo.
These General Terms and Conditions, the various requirements set out in the stages of the online sales process, where applicable, and the information regarding Entry Tickets constitute the contractual agreement between the Customer and Mida in full.
In the event of incompatibility between the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions as published in Italian and the equivalent text published by MidaTicket in English, and in the event of any discrepancy between the Italian and English versions of any other content in the Agreement, the Italian language version is to be considered binding.