Genius Loci 2023night of September 29th. The second night of the event is a journey that leads to unmistakable voices and music. The concerts take place simultaneously in the spaces of the monumental complex. With guests waiting to be discovered, improvisation will be the leitmotif of the evening.

Access is free with reservations required. Tickets are valid until the start time of the show or evening of your choice. Once the show has started, the reservation is canceled and access is no longer guaranteed.





Pazzi Chapel 20,20; 21,40; 22,30 pm

Barry Guy, double bass / Maya Homburger, violin. The second evening begins with two champions of classical, baroque and contemporary music.

Refectory 20,30 pm

Talk with Don Virginio Colmegna, Maria Grazia Guida and Massimo Livi Bacci – Non per me solo – per terre e per mari. A dialogue on the current meaning of hospitality and welcome.

Second Cloister 21,30 pm

Gabriele Cohen in ALEPH TRIO, with Barbara Eramo, voice and Pietro Lussu, piano. This concert is the result of a deep musical research and experimentation. The protagonist is the Jewish music, in particular that of the Yiddish, wandering people whose traditions are expressed in fascinating music and popular songs.

Refectory 21,40 pm

Ghemon, Una cosetta così with Giuseppe Seccia on keyboard and Filippo Cattaneo Ponzoni on guitar. This is not a talk or a concert. And yet, Ghemon’s show is a bit of all of this: an ironic tale of himself, a moment of pure expression.

Second Cloister 21,45 pm

Mediterraneo: le radici di un mito con Mario Tozzi & Enzo Favata a talk about the Mediterranean area by exploring its geological characteristics and musical styles.

Refectory 23,00 pm

Sun Spirituals/ Site Specific Performance by Rob Mazurek, a multifaceted artist, who expresses himself through the languages ​​of music, painting and sculpture: the creative act in Mazureck translates into musical improvisation.


The initiative is organised by the Controradio Club, the Opera di Santa Croce and Controradio, together with the cultural association La Nottola Di Minerva. This project is part of major exhibitions and festivals of the “Estate Fiorentina” organized by the Florence Municipality with the contribution of the Metropolitan City of Florence. “Genius Loci, discovering Santa Croce” is unique on the Italian scene.