Sunrise show, 30 September. We have reached the goal of our journey: this is the most awaited moment of the Festival. With the sunrise show, the Genius Loci of the place, the spirit of Santa Croce, is revealed: the complex is dressed in incredible colors and lights, which gradually fade as the sun rises. This year a very special artist will play at the first light of a unique dawn: dawn in Santa Croce.

Access is free with reservations required. Tickets are valid until the start time of the show or evening of your choice. Once the show has started, the reservation is canceled and access is no longer guaranteed.


06.00 Second Cloister

Zola Jesus Famous Russian-American singer-songwriter: her music is a particular mix of genres, from electronic to folk to gothic: her production is constantly changing. This is the artist’s poetics, in which the need to escape the current world and a corrupt humanity is expressed by seeking refuge in nature, to start taking care of oneself again. A combination of elements, including colours, landscapes, words and sounds, are central to his video clips: suggestions that describe the artist’s state of mind.


The initiative is organised by the Controradio Club, the Opera di Santa Croce and Controradio, together with the cultural association La Nottola Di Minerva. This project is part of major exhibitions and festivals of the “Estate Fiorentina” organized by the Florence Municipality with the contribution of the Metropolitan City of Florence. “Genius Loci, discovering Santa Croce” is unique on the Italian scene.