This gateway is dedicated to the purchase of group tickets for admission to Santa Croce – with minimum 15 people.

  • To ensure the best visitor experience, in the respect of this sacred place and the artistic and architectural heritage preserved within, we allow groups up to a maximum of 35 people (plus the guide). Guides must use whisper systems for all groups of 10 people or more.
  • Please note: earphones are not audio-guides, but essential for group visits when the guide/teacher must use a radio microphone.
  • Tickets are subject to a booking fee.



The Bardi Chapel is under restoration: the Giotto frescoes with the Stories of Saint Francis will not be visible throughout the restoration.

The Pazzi chapel will be closed to the public from Monday, January 8th to Wednesday, January 31st to allow routine maintenance activities.

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Admission for Groups with earphones

On this page you can buy tickets at a reduced price for groups of more than 15 people with earphones.

N.B. The earphones are not audio guides, but are simply an aid to the visit for a group already accompanied by a guide or a teacher who gives explanations.